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Enable-U solutions for eCommerce

Integration is a vital part of today’s e-commerce solutions. You need to connect with your partners, suppliers and customers via website or mobile interfaces. Also, your Saas suppliers such as payment providers, logistics services, shopping cart software, and perhaps the Internet of Things.
In short, everything is connected with everything. Enable-U provides solutions that allow you to orchestrate your digital information flows smoothly, safely and with maximum control.

Omni Channel

For e-tailers, the challenge is to achieve a consistent shopping experience for both old and new online channels. You make it your online shopper is not only easy to remember his purchase history, but you also want to make special offers based on their location and individual context. With these solutions Enable-U for eCommerce, you create personalized, omni-channel commerce possible.




Create personalized, omni-channel commerce with these solutions

API Management

API management

API Management allows you to safely and easily expose and manage your API’s

API Management

Do you want to expose APIs to third parties? Afiliates? Web shops?

You may want to use APIs that:

  • Request the current price from your backoffice
  • Automatically process incoming orders
  • Check stock availability
  • Report changes to any product (information)

API Management allows you to safely and easily expose and manage your APIs.

Enable-U 2Orchestrate

Enable-U 2Orchestrate

Enable-U is the MidOffice 2Orchestrate Broker (ESB) that will give your organization control over the communication between components in your architecture and gives direction on the automation of your business.


Your webshops and mobile apps are more or less integrated with your suppliers, parcel services, pay sites, distributors (affiliates), customer information systems, Amazon and so on. Internal systems are also integrated into the buying / selling process, such as your inventory, (financial) administration and CRM systems.

By linking these systems and partners, your business can work more efficiently. It is important that the security of your data and the privacy of your customers are guaranteed. Do you always know who has been using your data?

Enable-U 2Perform

Enable-U 2Perform

Enable-U is the 2Perform Application Performance Intelligence platform which you can monitor the performance of all applications in the chain (end-to-end).

Performance Management

You already know that the performance of your website or (mobile) application has a direct impact on sales. But did you know that as much as “75% of the visitors do not go back to a website for more than four seconds to load on doing.” (Mediaweb, 2015)

Enable-U 2Perform makes the performance of your (mobile) applications transparent and easily manageable so the impact on your turnover is minimal. How does your (web) application to your visitors? Chances are that this could be better.

More specific solutions for your integration issues

Enable-U 2integrate


The Enable-U 2Integrate Suite includes solutions for commercial organizations in the field of security, data access and integration of (hybrid) architecture components. The other solutions in this suite include:

  • Enable-U 2Deploy
  • Enable-U 2Discover
  • Enable-U 2Secure
  • Enable-U 2See
  • Enable-U API Management
  • Enable-U 2Perform
  • Enable-U 2Orchestrate

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More solutions specifically for your line of business



For Service Providers

Enable-U enables telecom service providers like Vodafone to create and generate new business models, by approaching existing services in a creative and innovative manner. With our solutions, it is possible to get your services and APIs opened up to external users, which opens up many new possibilities to run your business.



For Financial Institutions

Financial institutions and insurance companies use a variety of software applications that exchange information with each other. These connections are no longer limited to within the organization itself, but increasingly stretch beyond the organization. Enable-U offers solutions and expertise to safely share information and business functions (APIs) both internally and externally