Application integration

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Enable U enables the linking and integration of all applications in a structured manner. This is always done in a secure and manageable way, so that full control over the links is achieved. Future changes can also be implemented smoothly.

These fully functional links and integrations can be delivered very quickly and completely “as a Service” from the Cloud, including 24/7 monitoring and management by Enable U. This completely relieves you of the burden, while at the same time retaining full control.

If you still want to get started with the necessary software for integration and security, you can also purchase these “tools” as a Service (iPaaS). If desired, the software can still be delivered ‘on premises’, within your own network. With a good integration approach, all forms of integrations between applications can be realized, secured and managed very quickly and efficiently.

Application integration


Enable U Integration platform

Connections as a Service

To benefit directly from the ready-to-use Enable U integration platform from the Cloud, you can purchase fully functioning, fully managed Connections as a Service (CaaS), including the connection to your existing IT environments.

You simply subscribe to secure, well-managed, working connections “as a Service”, you are completely unburdened and you retain a total overview and control via the CaaS Dashboard.

Connections as a Service
Application integration

Enable U

Integration infrastructure

Private Connections as a Service

Connections as a Service on a fully exclusive “dedicated” environment for your own organization is also possible. We call this “Private Connections as a Service”. In that case, you purchase a fully configured and managed integration infrastructure in its entirety “as a Service”. You are still completely unburdened and you retain a total overview and control via the CaaS Dashboard.

If you want to put together your own integration infrastructure and then develop integrations on it with your own people, Enable offers you the ‘best in class’ integration software that you can purchase both’ as ​​a Service ‘(IPaaS) and’ on premises ‘.

Private Connections as a Service
private connections as a service

iPaaS vs Connections as a Service

Carefree Digital Integration

When connectivity issues between applications prevent you from responding quickly to new market conditions, which solution is best for your organization? Read our comparison paper between iPaaS and Connections as a Service.

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