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Connections as a Service.

Unlimited integration of  applications and systems.

YES, Enable me

Securely offer data and services to anyone at any time. As end-product or as building block for other services.

Through the digitization of services, the emergence of Internet of Things and the ever-increasing integration of value chains the number of integrations will increase explosively.

Legislation, operational reliability and hybrid IT architecture itself puts new demands on the security and integration of digital flows. This requires advanced technology, in-depth knowledge, a planned approach and thorough management of all integrations. But … it is no longer necessary to purchase expensive software, undertake complex projects or to build and retain very specific knowledge.

With CaaS expensive software will be a thing of the past, as will training your staff in highly specialized integration knowledge.

The most advanced software is being used for your connections, and the appurtenant knowledge and experience is immediately shared.

Updates and patches will be implemented and we replace digital certificates when needed.

With CaaS we offer a ready-made, fully managed integration, including the connection to your it-environment. Every connection made by Enable U is standard and can be purchased “As a Service”. More than 25 connnections are currently available.

Just indicate which service you want to be connected to.