Data Integration

Realize a multitude of connections and integrations.

Combining data from different source systems leads to new insights, a more complete customer view, more coherent services and is an important basis for business intelligence.

Working with an operational data store (ODS) where all this data comes together is a widely used method. With the integration solutions of Enable U you are able to link all kinds of data sources to operational data stores or to fill, change or query data warehouses.

Enable You make it possible to extract data from sources (Extract), convert it into any desired format (Transform) and load it in the desired environment (Load). This ETL functionality can be completed locally and from the Cloud (IPaaS).

Enable U

Data Integration

Every organization wants relevant data to be easily accessible, exchanged and combined. By integrating data, organizations can merge, update, change and query data in one central place.

Here, too, we offer the option of purchasing the relevant integrations in their entirety “as a Service”, including security and management. In this case, ETL is filled in via Connections as a Service (CaaS).


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