Dell Boomi iPaaS

Boomi Integration Platform
as a Service

The Boomi Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a multi-tenant cloud integration platform with support for cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, on-premise-to-on-premise and B2B integration projects.

The separation of a design-time environment to create integration flows and the runtime part where the integration processes actually run creates enormous flexibility to integrate everything with everything. Anywhere in the world. With support for real-time integration, extraction, transform and load (ETL) and electronic data interchange (EDI), Boomi also provides the scalability to meet the high volume requirements of mobile environments. Boomi introduced the first iPaaS back in 2008 and has become the industry standard in integration solutions.

With the comprehensive Boomi integration platform in combination with Enable U support, training or Connections as a Service, you can connect your applications faster than you ever thought possible.

To immediately benefit from the desired results of secure integration, Enable U also offers fully functioning and managed integrations such as Connections as a Service (CaaS), including the connection to your existing IT environment. The difference between iPaaS and Connections as a Service? We will explain that in this comparison document.

Extensive possibilities

With Boomi you can turn IT complexity into IT connectivity. The Boomi AtomSphere environment is an iPaaS cloud solution with on-premise and cloud-based application integration capabilities. From the simple Boomi user interface with a very extensive palette of integration options and the various options for error handling, integration projects can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Boomi iPaaS

Make optimal use of the possibilities that your existing application landscape offers


Would you like to read more about the use of the iPaaS platform at educational institutions, for example?

Then read our eGuide Educational Institution, unbundle your internal application landscape.

Boomi iPaaS

“The unique multi-tenancy capabilities of the Boomi platform enable us to copy previously developed integrations and processes and deploy them for a specific customer in our own environment. This gives the customer its own environment and links are delivered super fast by our consultants. ”

Jascha Gregorowitsch, CTO at Enable U.

Additional information about Dell Boomi iPaaS can be found here.

iPaaS vs Connections as a Service

Carefree Digital Integration

carefree digital integration

When connectivity issues between applications prevent you from responding quickly to new market conditions, which solution is best for your organization? Read our comparison paper between iPaaS and Connections as a Service.

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