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Enable U was founded in 2005 as a specialist in the field of management and security of integrations at large organizations. Founders Kees Neven and Frank Arts, both with a technical background, have selected the best technologies with their experience in the field of integration solutions and have implemented them for clients.

Due to the need to simplify complex integration projects, Frank and Kees expanded the Enable U product range with easier-to-implement integration solutions and they soon managed to attract large customers with Enable U, such as Vodafone, Ziggo, Achmea and Rabobank.

Standard approach

Gradually, Enable U developed a standard approach, with preconfigured links, integrations / data flows and security policies. More specific functionality was added to the base technology and sales of proprietary software were made.

After Jascha Gregorowitsch joined Enable U in 2009, the local government market in the Netherlands was entered with a solution to connect systems according to the Digikoppeling standard, among other things. In a short time Enable U managed to gain a solid market position with dozens of new customers every year. In the years that followed, in addition to local government, a strong position was acquired in central government and in adjacent sectors.

By adopting a Cloud strategy, the scale and scope of the Enable U service was given a new impulse. More and more applications are purchased as SaaS from the Cloud and more and more ‘own’ systems are also placed in the Cloud. The logical consequence of this is to also purchase integration services “as a Service”. Also for connections to and from systems that are still “on premises”.

Connections as a Service

From 2016, Enable U started with the Enable U 2Connect Cloud Platform, on which secure integrations are provided as a service (Connection as a Service). Enable U offers a unique total solution in which customers subscribe to working and managed connections without having to purchase hardware or software or bring in specialists. Management is entirely carried out by Enable U, so that customers are completely unburdened, but they remain in control.


Customers who purchase Enable U integration solutions prove to be very loyal; there is hardly any turnover. This can be explained not only from the type of solution (the integration solution is a strategic part of the IT architecture) but also from the high customer satisfaction.