We are Enable U, innovative specialist in IT integration. For over fifteen years we have been bringing people, systems and companies together from unlimited thinking, knowledge of the profession and the ambition to continuously innovate. Because shaping the future?  That’s human work.

Through digital integration, people and organizations are more connected than ever. And now that technology has made our lives easier and better, everyday things have changed dramatically over the past decade. The digital systems and processes that have made these changes possible are constantly evolving and can still be more efficient, safer and better. The people who make that possible? They’re Enablers.

From our office in Amsterdam we work together with more than 200 Dutch municipalities and companies in finance, healthcare, telecom and industry. We see our customers as equal partners and their corporate mission is an integral part of our thinking.

About Us

We make data secure at the right time and accessible for the right application

As an integration specialist, our strength lies in realising and managing working, safe integrations. One point of contact, up to 24-hour support with functional and technical management and a well-functioning chain.

As integration specialist, we make it possible to multiply the value of (business) data and functions in a fast, secure, reliable way by making it accessible anywhere  safe, at the right time  and  for the right applications.

We have merged our portfolio of integration solutions and specialist services into an integration platform that can be obtained ‘As a Service’. As a result, each organization can easily make its services available to chain partners through APIs.

Our Power

Realising and managing working, secure integrations from the Cloud.

This enables both companies and governments to work better together and improve digital processes and services.

We offer a total solution. Not only because information security is taken to the next level, but mainly because organizations are completely unburdened in the field of automated integrations.

Quality, result and speed are important features of our way of working.

Our Customers

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