Privacy Statement

Who are we?

This is the Privacy Statement of Enable U (EnablE-U B.V.), located in Amsterdam, Asterweg 19D12, 1031HL for the website, This statement indicates how we handle personal data collected through this website.

This statement can be changed, for example in case of added functionality where processing of personal data is necessary.

What does Enable U do?

Enable U is an independent integration specialist and solutions partner for leading integration products and services.


Enable U is responsible for the personal data processed through the website

From whom do we collect personal data?

  • Visitors to the website of Enable U 
  • Applicants at Enable U
  • Anyone who contacts Enable U

In what way are personal data collected?

We collect personal data that you provide us by contacting us. For example by filling out a contact form or application form, by signing up for our newsletter or an Enable U event or by sending us an email.

When you interact with our website, some personal data is gathered. Enable U uses cookies that provide insight into how you use our website. This helps us improve pages to make them more relevant to you and to make it easier for you to navigate. Besides the strictly functional and statistical cookies, we will ask for your consent. We will do so before we start processing any information that might contain personal identifiable information. More information can be found in the cookie declaration on the website. 

What personal data do we collect?

When you fill out a contact form or send us an e-mail, we process your contact details, name of your organization, your function and the content of the question or comment.

When you apply for a job at Enable U, we process your contact details, resume, outcomes of any assessment (if applicable). A picture is only processed if it’s part of the resume. Other information, such as marital status and nationality, is only processed by us if you wish to share that information with us (for example by including these details in the motivation letter).

When you interact with our website(s), we will collect information on your IP address, browser type and operating system.

When you subscribe to our newsletter or an Enable U event we will process your name, contact details, the name of your organization and your function.

For what purposes and on which legal ground do we process data?

Legitimate interest

We use data to:

Maintain contact with you in the context of the application procedure;

Assess whether you are suitable for the position you are applying for;

Answer questions, comments and complaints.

We process information on your IP address, browser type and operating system to monitor security of our network and to protect other users from malicious activity.

We evaluate and improve products and services by using statistical research. Only aggregated data (disconnected from directly identifiable data) is used for this statistical research. The research results are exclusively on aggregated level and cannot be traced back to individuals.

Legal obligation

Laws and regulations can oblige us to process personal data for a government agency. 


Send newsletters;

Register your subscription for an Enable U event; 

(including contacting you once afterwards to ask which topics were interesting and whether the solutions offered match the required solutions)

Maintain contact with you due to interest that you have shown in our products.

We combine data (only if you have consented to this) to create a  profile. We will use this profile to determine whether or not your company could be a future client. To determine this we might contact you via the submitted contact details.

If you consent to this, your IP-address will be used to obtain company data from public resources.

To whom do we provide your data?

Enable U will only provide your personal data to third parties if a legal obligation exists.

Share with others

Enable U can engage third parties to carry out certain activities (services such as maintenance of software, applications and websites and the offering of data storage, crm and sending out mailings or questionnaires). Those parties only process the personal data necessary to carry out the outsourced activities. Enable U has contractual and organizational measures in place to ensure third parties process your personal data solely for the aforementioned purposes and as much as possible within the EEA. Obligations imposed by law that apply to Enable U (including the General Data Protection Regulation, Implementation Act General Data Protection Regulation, Telecommunications Act) also apply to these third parties. This is part of the processing agreement between Enable U and the processor. To make this clear, Enable U will never sell your personal data.

The organizations that Enable U collaborates with include: Salesforce, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Leadinfo, Control Digital, Trello, Microsoft.


Enable U stores data as much as possible within the EEA. In the incidental case when data is stored outside the EEA, a level of protection will be ensured that is at least at the level of the GDPR. Data will no longer be stored than necessary for the purposes for which this data was obtained. How long certain data is kept depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. This means the retention period can differ.

Data relating to an application will be removed or anonymized within 4 weeks after completion of the application process. After the retention period we will only use anonymized data for historical and statistical purposes. The 4-week period can be extended to one year if you specifically consent to this.

Data relating to questions, comments and complaints will be removed after (final) settlement thereof.

Information provided due to interest in our products (for example by subscribing for an Enable U event), as well as the information collected via Marketing cookies, is kept for up to 2 years unless you previously indicate that you are no longer interested. In this case we will remove your personal data within 1 month.

Data processed for sending the newsletter will be removed as soon as you indicate (for example by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email) that you no longer wish to receive it.

Data relating to the security of our networks will be stored for at least 3 months and removed after about 1 year.


As a relation of Enable U, or visitor of our websites, you have the following rights under the General Data Protection Regulation:

Right of access

You have the right to ask Enable U whether your personal data are processed. Is this the case, you have the right to access this personal data.

Right to rectification

If it is clear that the data that Enable U processes are incorrect and/or incomplete, you can submit a request to correct or supplement the data.

Right to be forgotten

In some cases you have the right to have the personal data erased. Enable U will comply with these requests, provided no justified reasons remain for the processing (after the end of the aforementioned retention periods data will automatically be deleted, you do not have to take any action for this).

Right to restriction of processing

When a request is submitted, Enable U will only process the personal data with permission of the person to whom the data relates. An exception applies when Enable U needs the data for a legal claim. During this period (a reasonable period must be determined in consultation) the data will not be processed by Enable U.

Notification obligation

Enable U informs every recipient, to whom personal data have been provided, of the rectification (correction or addition), erasure or limitation of processing. If you request for it, Enable U will provide information about the recipients of the personal data.

Right to data portability

At your request we can give you all personal data that you provided to Enable U in a structured, common and machine-readable format.

Right to object

Anyone whose personal data Enable U processes, has the right to object to this processing. Enable U will comply with this unless there are justified grounds to continue processing them. Previously given consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Automated individual decision-making

You have the right not to be a subject to a decision based solely on automated processing with legal consequences or which otherwise produces legal effects that might affect you. An exception applies when that decision is necessary for the conclusion or execution of an agreement or based on explicit consent.


Enable U will make every effort to resolve a complaint in a satisfying way. If we can’t come to a solution together we would like to point out the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DDPA). You can also file a complaint with the DDPA when you appeal to one of the above rights and Enable U doesn’t handle accordingly.

Submitting request

To use these rights we ask you to submit a request. This request can be submitted in writing as well as via the email. Enable U needs to verify the identity of the submitter of the request. If this is not yet possible, Enable U will ask for additional information to verify your identity. For this reason, Enable U may ask for a previously emailed request to submit it in writing after all.

Enable U has four weeks, starting from the receipt of the request, to assess whether the request is justified. The request is assessed by the Privacy Officer of Enable U. We will respond to the request within four weeks.


Enable U will not charge any costs to comply with the request. An exception applies when requests are unfounded or excessive (e.g. repeatedly submitting requests). In these cases, Enable U can decide to charge a reasonable administrative fee or refuse to comply with the request.

Contact details

Enable U

Asterweg 19 D11
1031 HL Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 716 3866



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