Case study


Saxion University of Applied Sciences offers 24/7 services with Integration Platform as a Service.

As one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the country, Saxion wants to provide students with all the preconditions for optimal studies. The right information must therefore be made available in digital form at any time. To this end, an integration vision has been developed that ensures a 24/7 online service for students, employees and other customer groups.

With the choice for Enable U in the Cloud, back office systems are better integrated through the Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) and information exchange between front and back office in terms of scheduling, study progress and finances is increased. External cloud systems can also be easily integrated by configuring them from the web browser. This enables Saxion to make new and safe integrations themselves.

Jaques Heeren, senior purchaser of Saxion: “Enable U has a good understanding of the current bottlenecks and objectives of our organization and suitable solutions for this.”

Frank Arts, CEO of Enable U: “We are very pleased with the trust that a large educational organization like Saxion has in us. We want to enable Saxion to provide the best possible service to students and teachers. Agendas of teachers, bookings of rooms, assignments and results: everything is visible in real time. In this way, we enable everyone to work better together.”

The three-year service contract, in which Saxion is completely unburdened by Enable U in the field of securely integrating ICT systems, enables Saxion to offer an even better learning and working environment.

“Enable U has thoroughly understood the bottlenecks and objectives of our organization and provided suitable solutions with the iPaaS platform.”

Jaques Heeren, senior buyer at Saxion