Powerful lightweight
API Gateway

Some of the most exciting innovations wouldn’t be possible without APIs. They enable you to offer your services and data to the outside world and to get the most out of your (legacy) applications.

Looking for ways to make your APIs available to the widest possible audience? With the Tyk Open Source API gateway you can make almost any API accessible to the outside world in a scalable and secure way. The powerful, lightweight API gateway does the hard work, so you can focus on innovating your services.

Tyk’s API gateway is possibly the lightest, best performing, and most comprehensive open source solution currently available. The only dependency is a small Redis server (container) that acts as a database and message broker.

Tyk API Gateway

“We use the Tyk API Gateway as a very successful Enable U Cloud Connector for our clients to realize the secure connection to the Enable U Connection as a Service platform. Tyk offers very extensive functionalities, is very robust and can be done from our managed services. remote department well maintained and managed ”

“We use the Tyk API Gateway because not only does this gateway require little investment, but mainly because Tyk offers a lot of functionality and can also use very little IT resources. Therefore, Tyk is a great solution in places where, for budgetary reasons, there may be no additional hardware. can be purchased to manage APIs and still need a powerful API management solution ”

Jascha Gregorowitsch, CTO at Enable U.



You can find additional information about the tyk API gateway here.


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