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New regulations, changing partnerships and business challenges are increasing the demand for software and services to connect with applications and data.

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Smart connections

Thanks to smart connections and/or integrations of business processes, results can be achieved quickly and expensive investments are no longer necessary. The need for connectivity between applications and data is universal. An architecture where integration is part of the IT strategy provides freedom of choice for software, services and partnerships.


By using the technology and knowledge of Enable U you are able to:

Enable U helps all municipalities, from small to large

Within the local government, change is almost a constant. Having the right digital connections can provide a powerful impulse and a more efficient way of dealing with citizens, companies and the central government.

Enable U has been a leading partner of the Dutch government for many years, both at the central and local level. Thanks to standard connections for things like “Mijn Berichten Box” and various identity providers such as DigID, eRecognition, eIDAS and dozens of other standard services that are used daily by even the smallest municipalities, we help more than 250 municipalities streamline their processes.

Both for the smaller municipalities (with little IT staff) to large municipalities, there are solutions where you can do almost nothing or almost everything yourself. You can even choose to take one specific link as a service so that without local technical support you can still make use every service that will become available now and in the future through the Common Ground initiative.

Connections as a Service

Connections as a Service takes full managed connections between different information systems. We provide connections between all well-known applications and many sector-specific connections for the public sector, (semi) government facilities and educational institutions.

You keep the overview and control yourself while you put the realization and management of your integration (components) in the hands of the specialist.

More information? Watch this animation

Watch this animation and in less than 2 minutes you’ll know how to keep track and control yourself, while putting the realisation and management of your integrations in the hands of the specialist.


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